Capture Cards for Streaming


HDMI Splitter

HDMI splitters, the undeniably the most convenient piece of hardware that no streamer or YouTube creator should be without.

Although a lot of capture cards have HDMI passthroughs built in, I always feel that having a splitter before hand never requires the capture card to be active in order to see your display.

Usable Scenario

You sit down to play some Destiny on your Playstation 4, your TV is blank... check the source... nothing?  Only then do you realise that the capture device needs to have power flowing through it to start capturing and forwarding your picture.

By using a HDMI splitter, not only do you not require to have the capture device active, it will reduce any form of latency from the capture card passthrough.

Playstation 3 HDCP Protection

If you ever have tried to capture the HDMI from a Playstation 3, you will be faced with the deadly HDCP content protection.  Using a HDMI splitter you can essentially bypass this form of protection allowing you to capture your gameplay.

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