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Pop Up Green Screen for Streaming

The Elgato Pop up greenscreen is your portable solution to chroma-keying out your webcam background.  Whether you are a live streamer at twitch / YouTube / Mixer, or even want to work on special green screen effects - this easy to carry pop up green screen is a great tool to add to your production arsenal.

The pop up green screen can be carried around in its own aluminium case and placed into position before erecting in seconds using the pneumatic X-Frame system - "pull up".

To pack away the green screen, just push it back into the carry case and slide it out of sight!

This is absolutely perfect for those that have limited space, record/stream from a public room (such as a living room), or even if you are at a gaming convention where quick and easy green screening is required!


Most streaming software has 3 colours to chroma key automatically.. Green, Blue and Magenta.  The Elgato Pop Up Screen is optimised for camera chroma keying, so getting the right settings will be quick and simple (ensure you have fairly good lighting!)


Screen Size

  • Width: 1.48m
  • Height: 1.8m

Carry Case (packed away) Size

  • Width: 1.64m 
  • Height: 10.5cm
  • Depth 11.5cm

Editor Review

The Elgato pop up green screen is quite expensive for what it is.  You can't deny that the product is great but personally I prefer to use a standard cloth and some framing, or even a blind secured to the ceiling.  Yes, its not quite as "pretty", but the difference in price can be as much as £100.

The system itself is fantastic, and has already been seen used at gaming conventions where permantent solutions can not be used.

Pro Tip

The system is a standard popup banner system used by sign-makers.  If you are wanting a portable solution, then contacting a local sign maker can save you a lot of money.  Ask for the price for a "pop up banner" at the width you require.


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