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Elgato HD60 Pro Capture Card

New to the market we have the Elgato HD60 Pro internal capture card.

Very similar in size to the Avermedia Livegamer HD, this capture card not only manages 720@60fps, but a full 1920x1080@60fps.

Compatible with both XSplit and OBS (Standard and Studio)

Another difference between the HD60 Pro and the Avermedia C985 is the lack of the 3.5mm Audio passthrough, but as mentioned - audio is already passed via the HDMI.

If you are looking to stream your XBOX 360 / XBOXONE / Playstation 4 gameplay, this is a superb capture card.

In Built Streaming / Capture Software

Editor Review

Having used the Elgato HD60 Pro I can honestly say the card is fantastic.  Setting the card up was a little fiddly as OBS or XSplit did not display the input.

You must remember to download the latest drivers for the card, and even update the firmware (cards purchased now - may not require this)


The quality of the image is fantastic, and is a direct representation of the gameplay.  


  • Very Easy to Install
  • Once software is installed (fully) - No problems
  • 1080p 60fps input - Excellent for PC gamers!


Unlike the Avermedia Live Gamer the capture card does not auto switch resolutions. This really isn't a problem for console gaming - however if you are booting up an old retro game... such as Sim City / Theme Hosptial - the capture card will not display a picture unless you manually alter the resolution.

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